Lekue Kabob Cooker

Posted: October 23, 2015
Lekue Kabob Cooker
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Skewer your meat, fish, and vegetables and load up the Lekue Kabob Cooker for steamed & speared dinner. I approve of everything about Lekue's microwavable Kabob cooker except the way they spell "kabob." I like "kebab." I like watching da Bearsss and eating me some keh-baaabs.

The Lekue set includes 40 wooden, smoke-free skewers, 8 of which criss-cross insert into the Cooker to make enough food for everyone at once. Kebobs cook oil-free to save a few calories, but admittedly cook soft due to the steaming method. If you want crispy shells, you can pan-fry cooked kebobs on the stovetop after they come out of the microwave.

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