Lekue All-in-One Bread Maker

Posted: June 24, 2014
Lekue All-in-One Bread Maker
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Lekue's Bread Maker is a bearer of bread. Bread, according to the Catalonian design firm, that bakes crusty and golden inside the same silicone container it's been weighed, kneaded, and shaped in. And you thought the highest and best use of silicone was for something entirely different beginning with a b-r-e-a. Well...maybe the Bread Maker is the second highest and best use of the material.

Lekue's flexible bowl-to-bakeware design remains open and spacious for dough assembly, and then folds over and fastens to itself for slipping into an oven or microwave (yes, that's right) at breadification time. The platinum silicone composition of the Bread Maker can withstand temperatures of up to 428 degrees F without suffering any ill effects to its future functionality. Further, when folded for baking, the bowl maintains a partially open interior that promotes steam circulation to keep the bread from drying out, plus hot air circulation to produce a crusty exterior and golden hue.

The Lekue all-in-one Bread Maker is non-stick and requires no extra butter or oil for use. Also included in its box are recipes for bread baking, though some reviewers note they have had better success using their own.

The Lekue Bread Maker is a top Dude Gift for the Kitchen pick.

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