LEGO Kitchen Utensils

Posted: May 04, 2014
LEGO Kitchen Utensils
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This LEGO-esque utensil set makes me want to glue interlocking bricks to everything I own for easy wall storage on a baseplate. Belts, hats, game controllers, wallets, phone cases, underwear. I could wallpaper my entire room in royal blue sheets of LEGO and just smack-and-pull at my leisure. It would be instant and ever-changing room decor. S-M-R-T, I am so smart.....

But back to the LEGO kitchen utensils, which exist at present as more than just something on my mama's to-do list. The Cook and Stack set includes a ladle, spatula, and pasta drainer that store against a grey, wall-mounted baseplate. Easy to access, staggeringly fun to use. Parents might even be able to get their kids to perform some pancake-flipping labor if they arm them with a take on their favorite building bricks to do it.

Despite their hard plastic appearance, and the universal knowledge of what happens during close skin encounters with LEGO bricks, the utensil handles are made of soft nylon guaranteed not to make you squeal like a stuck pig while gripping them.

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