Leather Knife Rolls

Posted: November 09, 2014
Leather Knife Rolls
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Bobby Flay uses one of Steven Goodson's custom, handmade leather knife rolls. And have you seen Bobby Flay's wife? Hot. Dude has good taste. Know who else has a knife roll? Chefs Judy Joo and Andrew Hales. Yeah, I've never heard of them either, but I have heard of their place of employment: The Playboy Club in London. Point is, I think people who like sexy things also like Goodson Leather Knife Rolls.

Goodson Leather Knife Rolls give chefs the chance to customize their carrying case for knives and other kitchen tools. Buyers select the type of leather, number of knife slots, and personalization of the carrying handle (name or initials). Goodson then hand cuts, numbers, and assembles each piece, incorporating suede and solid brass rivets and hardware with the tan stone oiled cowhide he cuts as the knife carrier's base. Rolls also include a removable suede accessory bag and copper-wrapped steel support bar. Standard rolls include 8 slots.

The Leather Knife Roll is a top Dude Gift for the Kitchen pick.

Muchas danke to Bless This Stuff.

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