Kujira Whale Knives

Posted: October 20, 2016
Kujira Whale Knives
$35.97 - $44.49
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Did you know whales can cut the cheese too? In fact, I bet they're the sharpest and most powerful cheese cutters on earth. Check it out. You got a sperm whale ready to cut the cheese, a humpback whale ready to cut the cheese, a finback whale....

And, yeah, the Kujira Whale Knives can cut other things too. Made of Shiroko high-carbon steel, these utility knives have been hand-forged into some of the ocean's finest for use while camping, whittling, or alongside the Manchego and Mimolette while entertaining.

Kujira Whale Knives come in 5 different styles / whale breeds. The have double-edged blades and a "Kurouchi" Black forged finish and handle. Dimensions are around 6-1/4" long x 1.5" wide; blade length is 2".

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