KAN Core Chef Knife

Posted: May 23, 2019
KAN Core Chef Knife
$135 - $139
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Chef in name, Damascus in style, Japanese in origin. The KAN Core Chef Knife is made of AUS-10 or VG-10 steel to maintain a burly, 59-60 HRC hardness without going brittle. KAN says the result is a kitchen blade that gets extra sharp, and stays that way for a good chunk of time (and a good chunk of fingers?)

KAN Core Chef Knives have 8" blades forged from 66 layers of Damascus-patterend steel. In addition to AUS-10 or VG-10 steel, you can choose a hammered or non-hammered blade, and either an ebony wood or G10 composite resin knife handle. KAN balances their kitchen knives at the pinch point to encourage the intuitive use of a blade grip, which is safer and provides better control (so no chunks of fingers flying here!)

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