Juicepair - Salad Servers & Lemon Juicer

Posted: December 17, 2021
Juicepair - Salad Servers & Lemon Juicer
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I'm covering the Juicepair, a set of salad servers that lock together to double as a lemon juicer, because I think it's a clever design. But in terms of its literal usage, as a means of squeezing a lemon directly over a bowl of salad, uh, how often do you need to do that? And even when you do, what about all the lemon seeds that will fall into the lettuce with the juice? Seeds that are the slipperiest little F'ers in the all the produce land, and lettuce that provides innumerable folds and crevices for them to hide in?

Yeah, a Juicepair might let you seamlessly combine lemon squeezing and salad tossing, but the resultant effort of fishing out lemon seeds, or making the people you serve the salad to do it themselves, will kind of offset any time-saving or cleaning benefits of using fewer kitchen tools. Shrug. Seems on the edge of being one of Matt Benedetto's Unnecessary Inventions to me.

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