Joydeem Foldable 3-Tier Electric Food Steamer

Posted: August 12, 2020
Joydeem Electric Food Steamer
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All that hot air that's been circulating around the news and social media, society in general, the past few...4-ish...years? Joydeem decided to put it to good use inside their electric food steamer, a 3-tiered foldable kitchen gadget that can steam a host of foods, a whole meal at once, and even dishes and flatware at high temperatures for sterilization.

According to Joydeem, hot water vapor cooking isn't just for raw vegetables and shellfish. With 4 cooking modes, the Electric Food Steamer can steam whole chickens and fish, eggs, buns, and cake batters that turn into spongy sweets like those you might bake in a rice cooker. The company also touts steam's health benefits as a cooking method, particularly compared to boiling and microwaving. For fruits and vegetables, steam cooking leeches out only about 11% of their flavonoids, compared to 66% when submerged in boiling water, and 97% when microwaved.

Ultra-hot steam is also a known disinfectant, and the Electric Food Steamer's bottom rack is a top choice for sterilizing kitchen wares, plus baby bottles, towels, your toothbrush, pretty much anything that fits and can stand up to the steamer's high heat and humidity.

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