Inirv React App-Controlled Stove Safety Device

Posted: January 05, 2017
$199 - $239
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Like a highly sophisticated smoke detector, the Inirv React sensor unit monitors the amount of smoke and gas in your kitchen, as well as monitors motion. It can combine and interpret this information to determine whether or not your stove is heading into unsafe territory, and whether or not you yourself are present to deal with it. If you're not, the Inirv React app will alert you that you've left your stove on and it's about to become a fire hazard. And then the Inirv React knob units will turn your burners off for you.

Yes, physically spin them into the Off position all by themselves. Like little fire safety angels. More than just another brick in your smart home construction project, Inirv React is a potentially life-saving device that, if it works, goes well beyond connectivity and convenience. It could save your home, and your family's lives.

In addition to pairing unattended stove recognition with automatic burner shutoff, the Inirv React system allows you to control your stove yourself from a smartphone. You can turn burners on and off, or modulate their temperatures with Inirv React knob units. Designed to install underneath or in place of most existing gas or electric stovetop fixtures, the Inirv knobs have universal adapters for model compatibility. They communicate with the overhead sensor unit for auto shutoff via Bluetooth, and to your phone for remote control via WiFi.

Inirv is funding its React stove safety device here on Kickstarter through February 15, 2017.

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