Hookers' Delight Martini Glass

Posted: May 23, 2012
Hookers' Delight Martini Glass
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Father's Day 2012 is hitting families nationwide on June 17th. Which begs the question: Do you have that very special kind of Renaissance father who can schmooze with James Bond, thrown down with the wranglers on River Monsters, and melt the hearts of scantily clad ladies of the night? In other words, is your pop Bill Clinton, Clint Eastwood, or the Most Interesting Man in the World?

Well, for all you progeny of greatness out there...and Chelsea...the Hookers' Delight Martini Glass is here to solve your Father's Day gift-giving woes. What better way to say, "You're not just a daddy, you're a Mack Daddy" than with a classic vessel o' shaken, not stirred that's been given a fisherman/Bear Grylls/tinge-of-redneck makeover? As a bonus, although the nature of a fishing-themed martini glass invites multiple levels of tacky, the actual design of the Hookers' Delight--its bolted silver line loping from the stem, and culminating in a gnarly hook for snagging the cocktail's signature olives--is a pretty sharp, classy marriage of man's beloved drinking and casting pastimes.

Vendor Greece Is for Lovers' listing appears to be for 3 Hookers' Delight martini glasses--and a threesome would certainly play along nicely with the snicker-worthy double entendre of their moniker--but there is no written confirmation of this deduction. I suppose, pursuant to forking over my $79, the number of glasses that actually show up will be as much of a surprise for me as the whimsical gift itself is for my old man.

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