Height Adjustable Pot & Pan Organizer Rack

Posted: April 24, 2017
Height Adjustable Pot & Pan Organizer Rack

As much as I love the cacophony of all my pots and pans shifting, smashing, and tumbling when I crouch down and remove one from the kitchen cabinet, I can see why some might prefer their cookware in the tidy, partitioned stack Lifewit's organizer creates. In addition to sorting and storing your pots and pans free of both visible and audible chaos, this rack's 5 shelves are height-adjustable, so you can load it up with pretty much any size skillet or stew pot.

Max Lifewit rack storage is 5 pots / pans, so you might need a couple of them. Store the storer either on your countertop, or in a cabinet with at least 16-1/2" of clearance. They make kitchen life especially organized in tall cabinets without shelves, or cabinets whose shelves were removed and subsequently broken one night when you needed to prove a point about karate chops.

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