Heat-Resistant Oven Rack Guards

Posted: August 26, 2016
Heat-Resistant Oven Rack Guards

Sonofa-- [Insert long, loud string of expletives here.] How many times have I thought I'd just poke my pan of Bagel Bites a little farther back after sticking them in the oven? How many times have I been too lazy to pull the oven rack out, or gotten careless with the potholder, when I need to turn my canned biscuits or flip my Taquitos halfway through baking? How many times? Hold on, let me count the burn scars on my hands and arms.

At least 8.

These heat-resistant oven rack guards say they protect against carelessness and laziness. And also poor depth perception. And also the times you're bent over in the oven and your girlfriend comes and grabs your berries from behind. The set includes two 14" ridged tubes that snap onto the outer metal posts of each oven rack. They're made of silicone and intended to withstand oven temperatures of up to 450 degrees F. Note: that doesn't mean you should heat up your oven, grab one, and hang on tight. Just that the occasional bump and brush shouldn't leave you with ER-worthy burn.

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