Han Solo in Carbonite FridgeWrap

Posted: June 03, 2020
Han Solo in Carbonite FridgeWrap

Sure you want to open that fridge? Really need another scoop of potato salad and swig of chocolate milk? Is it worth risking, oh, I don't know getting frozen in carbonite alongside your buddy Han Solo? Welp, if your hankering gets the best of you, better be sure you've got a Boushh-disguised Leia in the house to get you out of it.

Fresh and cool from FridgeWrap is the Han Solo in Carbonite wraparound refrigerator decal, obviously featuring the equally fresh and cool smuggler in one of his more compromising (albeit still fine!) moments. The Star Wars Fridgewrap measures 23.35" wide x 70.2" long, and therefore fits refrigerators within those parameters. It is made from outdoor sign vinyl that will keep it safe from water, sun, and oil, and help you clean it from the occasional (i.e., nightly) grease and mustard stain easily.

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