Ground Meat Chopper

Posted: June 10, 2016
Ground Meat Chopper
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Since any idiot can cook ground beef crumbles on the stovetop, my girlfriend often makes me do it when she's making chili or bolognaise sauce. And then goes all Meat Chunk Police on me, tossing out comments about how my "crumbles look more like big tumors...and those 4 are 3 times the size of the rest." To which I politely point out that maybe if she gave me a skillet utensil that chopped and stirred and scraped mushy slabs of ground beef better than this stupid silicone Harry Potter wand I always have to use, the meat would turn out more dainty and to her liking.

And whaddaya know, OXO Good Grips makes just that skillet utensil. Without even having tried the Ground Meat Chopper yet, I already know it's going to be better than She-Ra: Princess of Power's floppy, carpal-tunnel-agitating spatula. Because it looks nothing like Harry Potter's wand. It looks like a bomb. Ready to strike proteins lumped together in the pan, and blow them to smithereens of perfection.

Whether you're cooking ground beef or ground sausage, or even tomato sauce or crumb topping, the Ground Meat Chopper's tri-blade design streamlines the process. Its wide, rounded blades both break up meat clumps with efficiency and consistency, and nestle into pan edges to leave no crumble behind. A tough body build makes it easier to break apart meat that is still partially frozen too. One blade also has a silicone edge for scraping and transferring cooked food, and the Chopper is safe for use on non-stick pans.

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