Great Wrap Compostable Cling Wrap

Posted: August 30, 2022
Great Wrap Compostable Cling Wrap
$9.90 - $35
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Great Wrap didn't invent compostable cling wrap - there are several listings for eco-friendly food wrap on Amazon - but I'm thinking, based on the product's name, they've made compostable cling wrap great. Which would be a real feat, given: 1) Great Wrap is made out of potato waste; and 2) 95% of all cling wraps, compostable and non-compostable alike, are not great. They are terrible*.

In addition to making a Great product, the minds behind Great Wrap are also committed to using Great technology, and doing Great things for the environment. At present, that means turning potato waste into food wrap that will break down in under 180 days after you dispose of it, and that you can throw in your compost bin without concern that it will leave microplastics behind.

As their technology progresses, Great Wrap may opt to use different materials to make the cling wrap, but it will always maintain its compostable, conscientious nature.

Great Wrap starter kits come with a Great Mate designer-y cling wrap dispenser in your choice of 4 colors, and 2 x 30m Nudie Rolls (aka Great Wrap refills). Once you have a Great Mate, you can order the Nudie Rolls solo in packs of two.

*The 5% exception being Glad Press'n Seal Food Wrap, which is at least two levels above great in the field of cling wrap.

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