Geometric Cake Molds

Posted: September 12, 2018
Geometric Cake Molds
$43 - $80
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Just the silicone mold, not the cake. Sorry. Elbow grease and above-average baking skills required to hover your fork and knife over one of Dinara Kasko's geometric masterpieces.

Pastry chef Kasko is as much a media darling as she is a sweets and treats visionary. Her cakes and tarts regularly make the viral rounds, showing up in everything from personal Instagram feeds to major online publications. They're the kind of baked goods that remind you by looking at them how much cool and precise math had to go into cooking them.

Kasko is now selling some of the 3D-printed silicone molds she uses to create her pastries to the general public, or at least some very daring members of it. Molds for Kasko-stamped desserts such as the Cluster Cake (above), the Cherry Cake, the Chocolate Block, and 3 x 3 x 3 Spheres come with all pieces, plus the recipes you'll need to recreate the geometric pastries yourself.

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