Garrnish Pesticide Purifier

Posted: September 01, 2021
$199 - $299
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Electrolysis. First it saves you from unwanted body hair, and now with the Garrnish Pesticide Purifier, it's gonna save you from unwanted pesticides coating your fruits and vegetables!

According to Garrnish, filling their rechargeable countertop basin with water and your desired produce, and pushing the center button to activate its electrolysis purification cycle, will remove 90+% of common pesticides, and specifically 99.9% of Chlorpyrifos and Dichlorvos pesticides from the produce surface. In this case though, we're talking the chemical, not the beauty spa, definition of electrolysis.

For the purposes of the Garrnish Pesticide Purifier, electrolysis is defined as "the chemical decomposition produced by passing an electric current through a liquid or solution containing ions." (If your home's tap water is treated with chlorine, that will take care of the "containing ions" caveat; if not, you'll add a pinch of salt to the water in the basin.) Garrnish says their application of electrolysis will break down the molecular structure of pesticides, rendering them nontoxic and easily washed away with water.

The Garrnish Pesticide Purifier basin is large enough to clean around 20 medium oranges at once, and has a rubberized center wall that allows it to collapse to a 2" height for storage when not in use. At printing, the Garrnish was available for preorder for $100 off eventual retail value.

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