Fro & Hawk Dish Brushes

Posted: March 09, 2012
'Fro & Hawk Dish Brushes
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Ahhh, the Afro and the Mohawk. Two iconic hairstyles that require mega elbow grease to create now pay it forward by elbow greasin' it out with you at the kitchen sink. Brother Fro and Punk Hawk help get rid of dried egg, marinara sauce, and any other week-old food particulates caked to your dishes, glasses, and silverware. Just suds up their noggins, and let the spongy 'fro, or the bristly mo' lure the dirt into their scalps with the former's smooth groove, or the latter's head banging moves. Once the kitchen is spotless, crack out your iPod and watch the two battle it out on the open mic with their renditions of "Get Down Tonight" and "Sedated".

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