FridgeFork Condiment Fork

Posted: January 05, 2018
FridgeFork Condiment Fork
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Eating straight from the jar approved! The FridgeFork condiment fork is simultaneously going to piss off and please my fiancee. She'll be irritated that Chef'n has developed a utensil that encourages me to stand with the fridge door open eating pickles and Mama Lil's pepper rings straight from the jars, but pleased that at least with a permanent fork attached, I won't dig them out with fingers that I may or may not have washed recently anymore.

In addition to providing instant access that doesn't require baptizing your fingers in vinegar, the FridgeFork swaps out a fork's row of tines for 3 sharp prongs set in a triangle. Extra sharp, extra grippy, and great for hooking ringed condiments, like banana peppers, jalapenos, and my beloved Mama Lil's. If you haven't tried them, they're goathorn peppers, hot or mild, packed in garlicky oil, and they are the most delicious pepper I ever ate. Put Mama goathorn on any sandwich or burger and prepare your mouth to start baaaaanging with flavor.

FridgeForks attach to condiment jars via a secure band you place around the rim. The stainless steel fork then slips into the band's holster for storage.

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