FoodPod Boil Bag & Strainer

Posted: May 19, 2016
FoodPod Steamer & Strainer
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The FoodPod looks like an adorable, fat-jowled alien. See--the horizontal strip cutout is his eyes, the first bump below that his nose, the 2 oval cutouts below that his pair of mouths, and the big rounded sides of the pod his fat jowls. Don't want to play along? OK, the FoodPod also looks like a giant spider egg sac. Now who wants some hard-boiled eggs?

FoodPods have a 1-3/4-quart capacity for almost any food you'd want to boil. Contained between their flexible silicone walls, you'll be able to see to it that ingredients like potatoes, clams, carrots, broccoli, or even chicken breasts cook evenly as you submerse them in and remove them from the water in a single move, all at the same time. Locking dinner inside a FoodPod also reduces the likelihood of boiling water splash-ups and spillage, particularly when it comes to straining cooked foods. The vented basket does that for you.

FoodPods have a grip clip on an attached cord for securing them to the side of a pot during cooking, and then handling them again once the food is ready.

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