Flare Super Efficient Rocket Science Pans

Posted: October 29, 2014
$32 - $125
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Thomas Povey is a rocket scientist at Oxford University. But when he's not applying his thermodynamics expertise to advanced jet engines, he kicks back and thinks about how it might enable him to fry his eggs and blood sausages faster. The result: Flare cookware.

Designed especially for use on gas ranges, cast aluminum Flare pots and pans sport a wheel of fins around their sides that channel heat from a stove's flame, typically pooled at the bottom of the cookware, up its sides as well. The simple adjustment increases heating efficiency and distribution, causing pans to heat up significantly faster, and food to cook quicker. In trials Povey noted Flares required 40% less energy to heat up than standards pans. First water, then air, and now fire: apparently we're better equipped to handle them all with fins.

In addition to speeding up cook times, Flare's even heat distribution can also help with slow simmering dishes. Vendor Lakeland says their gas hob Flare tests produced a pot of Veronica's Trademark Chili that never boiled over and left no layer of burnt beans and tomatoes at the bottom of the pot from a concentrated flame (or a cook who forgets to "stir occasionally").

Again, Flare pans were created specifically for use on gas stovetops, but can be used on electric, ceramic, or halogen models. They won't heat faster on the latter surfaces, but will still heat/cook pan contents more evenly. The cookware is also oven safe up to 400 degrees F.

Flare cookware is a top Dude Gift for the Kitchen and House Warming Gift pick.

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