Flagship Light - Turn a Skillet Into a Cast Iron Grill

Posted: July 22, 2021
Flagship Light - Turn a Skillet Into a Cast Iron Grill
$49 - $59
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Flagship Light is a cast iron plate that fits inside any 10" to 12" skillet you already own. According to Flagship designers, it turns the skillet into a legit cast iron grilling surface you can use to replicate the dry heat of an outdoor grill, and create dishes with more flavor and less fat inside your kitchen. Sounds kinda like an air fryer for steaks and pork chops.

It also sounds like a beer. Flagship Light? How does that correlate to grilling or cast iron or skillets? All I think of when I hear "Flagship Light" is 4.2% ABV. I think I would have gone with, oh, let's say, "The Grill-It Skillet."

According to Flagship Light, "Dry heat is what distinguishes an outdoor grill from a skillet, where the food is either stewed or stir-fried in oil." And while my sense is that true grill masters would claim it's a bit more than that, with the Flagship Light cast iron insert you can imitate at least the dry heat element of grilling, and lose some of the fat you'd have to add to the pan, and the grease from the items you're cooking.

Flagship Light works with any heat source, and in addition to nestling inside your kitchen skillets, it performs well outdoors over a campfire, camping stove, charcoals, and park-style BBQs. You can learn more about the Flagship Light, and pledge of a cast iron grill converter of your own, on Kickstarter through September 2, 2021.

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