Evelyn Bracklow Ants Dinnerware

Posted: February 27, 2022
Evelyn Bracklow Ants Dinnerware

Ants on your dishes. I guess it's better than ants in your pants? German artist Evelyn Bracklow merges the elegant with the repulsive in her Chitins Gloss series of ant-covered dinnerware.

According to her bio, Bracklow "alienates" objects with hand-painted (and hyperrealistic!) ants to bring to light the relationship between humans and nature. A beautiful piece of china - a plate, a teapot, a sugar bowl - crawling with ants probably makes your own skin crawl. According to Bracklow, in addition to provoking your gag reflex, it also forces you to think about "values, appreciation and impermanence." The idea that luxuries and comforts we might take for granted can become perverted, be destroyed, or simply be overtaken by nature, and returned to their original state, at any moment.

Bracklow sells Chitins Gloss ant-infested dinnerware and art objects both on Etsy and directly through the shop on her Laphilie website.

Quick, let's play would you rather. Would you rather, for the rest of your life, eat off dishes covered in ants or sleep under bedding covered in your worst fears?

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