Eiffel Tower Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Posted: July 09, 2023
Eiffel Tower Cold Brew Coffee Maker
$1,394.20 - $1,894.80
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What was Dutch Lab's favorite part about their trip to France? The coffee, and the Eiffel Tower. So back home, they put the two together to create the Eiffel Tower Cold Brew Coffee Maker.

Part manual drip machine, part architectural installation, this take on the Paris icon uses aluminum to build the lattice structure of the Tour Eiffel, which provides a stable frame for the Pyrex glass and brass needle valve brewing equipment inside. Making a batch of Eiffel Tower cold brew will take anywhere from 10 to 12 hours, deliberately, since the low temperature of the water and extended drip time produces coffee with more flavor depth and authenticity. It also naturally contains less caffeine.

Dutch Lab (or LD | DL) specializes in the design of cold drip coffee brewers, using master craftsmen and coffee enthusiasts to create pieces ranging from the minimalist Tron to the elaborate, steampunk-inspired Gothicism. You can check out all of their work here.

Dutch Lab calls the Eiffel Tower Cold Brew Coffee Maker a luxury product, and the cost reflects their focus on its form and, presumably, function. The slow drip brewer comes in 500 and 1000 mL carafe sizes.

Fans of the Eiffel Tower Cold Brew Coffee Maker, but not its price tag can get a similar aesthetic from this Eiffel-Tower-inspired manual brewer from Apollo Box.

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