EggXactPeel Eggshell Peeler

Posted: March 02, 2019
EggXactPeel Eggshell Peeler
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The EggXactPeel Eggshell Peeler is the type of handy kitchen gadget I would actually consider handy, if it weren't so unlikely to actually work. Removing the shells from hard boiled eggs is the worst, unless you get the exact perfect egg that decides to shed its shell as free as a Sumo Satsuma orange (the best!) and I don't know what makes or how to identify that kind of egg.

But most self-described easy-peel egg peeling tools only work on that exact perfect egg too, in which case, why do I need them? I got 2 hands that work just fine. I'm skeptical the EggXactPeel, which claims to be able to crack, peel, and remove egg shells "effortlessly" will do its job as stated on the more common type of hard boiled egg. The one that cracks into a mosaic of a thousand pieces, which you then have to pull off one by one.

However, the EggXactPeel has numerous excellent reviews for its accuracy and speed, with at least one person claiming to be able to peel a dozen HB eggs in 5 minutes or less..."with the right background music." So, maybe it's worth a crack after all.

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