Ecletticos Mugs

Posted: March 18, 2021
Ecletticos Mugs
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Ecletticos Mugs for your coffee and tea...and covert nip of whiskey...manage to be rustic and rugged, yet somehow elegant, even a little regal, at the same time. Sure, maybe they're more Viking regal than British Royal Family* regal, but...pssshhh! I'd take a tea service that makes people think of Leif Eriksson over Queen Elizabeth any day.

Small Business Shoutout

Ecletticos, which also peddles teapots and other kitchenware, is a family-run small business based out of Bardstown, KY. Their mission is "rebelling against the uninteresting," in this case, boring cups and mugs that have no personality, bring no visual or tactile joy during use, or simply lose meaning once T-Rex's grabbers wear off after a few runs through the dishwasher.

Pictured above is Ecletticos' Roros Stein. Roros. Try to say that 3 times fast. ... Or even one time slow. I believe the word is pronounced Roar-oce, and my mouth and tongue do not like trying to shape themselves around all those Rs and Os together. Think I'll just say it like Ro-Roze, which sounds like RoRo's, which also happens to be one of my favorite BBQ joints.

Clearly I went ahead with that covert nip of whiskey. Sorry, dudes.

The Roros Stein is part of Ecletticos' Drobak Collection of wood-handled, kiln glazed coffee mugs. They pair Bohemian woodwork with neutral and subtly colored artisan pottery, plus unique textures. The Atlas & Nepal Collection is a little more modern, combining wood handles and pottery mugs with carved and / or embossed landscape designs. No two Ecletticos cups or mugs are exactly alike.

*My wife is insisting I state for the record that it's Team Meghan & Harry around here, all day, every day.

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