Dash Mini Skull Waffle Maker

Posted: August 03, 2021
Dash Mini Skull Waffle Maker
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I always thought the brains were the tastiest part of the human head, but Dash's Mini Skull Waffle Maker has me reconsidering. I'd definitely eat that cranium.

The Mini Skull Waffle Maker is part of a series of Dash individual-sized waffle makers made with batter plates of different shapes and / or festively decorated griddle exteriors. The nonstick cooking surface is 4" in diameter, meaning the mini skulls it fluffs up are a little less than that top-to-bottom.

As the 4' Inflatable Zombie Baby crawls through the ranks towards best gift for the yard this Halloween, the Dash Mini Skull Waffle Maker is cooking its way to best gift for the kitchen.

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