Dash Masha 2X

Posted: June 28, 2017
Dash Masha 2X
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Dash says its Masha-ed potatoes are the doggone fluffiest. And smoothest. And creamiest. The rotor-cone technology behind this mashing machine purees foods ranging from potatoes and yams to guacamole and hummus in under a minute.

The Masha 2X looks more or less like an immersion blender to me, but more focused in its abilities. Its attachment cones have a larger blade and more vents for pureed foods to pass through so they don't clog up the blade, or break down foods unevenly.

Dash says the 2X suffix means this Masha is 2 times more powerful than version 1X. Plus, it comes with 2 cones, the standard masher, plus a batter cone for mixing cakes and items with more liquid consistencies.

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