Dai Sensei Japanese Kitchen Knife

Posted: October 27, 2015
Dai Sensei Japanese Kitchen Knife

Dai Sensei means "Grand Master" in Japanese, and that's presumably what this fusion of a Japanese blade and a French chef's knife will make the kitchen warrior who wields it. (Note: Knowing proper knife skills, such as The Pinch, The Claw, and The Slicing Without Dismembering a Finger, is helpful too.) The Dai Sensei is part of a limited edition of 60 numbered pieces from French cookware manufacturer de Buyer. Catering largely to professional chefs and serious gourmets, de Buyer collaborated with master knifemakers in Japan to produce this 13-layer, 10" damascus stainless steel blade designed to exhibit perfect sharpness and exceptional hardness.

The Dai Sensei knife has a single bevelled edge (most knives are bevelled on both sides), adhering to the Japanese sashimi knife tradition to facilitate precision cutting. The effect: as the left, non-beveled side tracks vertically through the item you're cutting, the side you're removing will fall off to the right. de Buyer has complemented the Japanese blade with a carbon fiber handle for lightness, and shaped it to accommodate a solid, comfortable, close-blade grip (The Pinch!) Overall length is 16.4".

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