Cut-N-Seal Crust Remover & Sandwich Sealer

Posted: February 05, 2020
Cut-N-Seal Crust Remover & Sandwich Sealer

A crustless PB&J sealed up like a calzone? Ya, Mama, you can fix me one of those with the new Cut-N-Seal crust remover and sandwich sealer you got at Aunt Jan's Pampered Chef party. Did you say it can make a fully ensconced grilled ham and swiss, a la an empanada or Hot Pocket, too? Well. I think I might could eat both....

What, dudes? Mama asked me to come over to "fix her computer," which means she forgot her password for Ruby Lane, and probably the email address she used to make her account too, so I think some sealed-up crustless sandwiches are the least she can do. Plus, it gives her a chance to use the Cut-N-Seal kitchen gadget she will inevitably toss in a drawer and never touch again after I leave today.

I mean, unless I really like these sammiches, in which case the Cut-N-Seal better be at the ready the next time I come over, and every time thereafter, too. As a grown ass man, I hate to admit that I prefer crustless sliced bread, but...I'm a grown ass man! And I prefer crustless sliced bread!

The Pampered Chef Cut-N-Seal crimps together 2 pieces of bread or dough to create any number of savory or sweet, hot or cold pocket sandwiches, appetizers, pastries, and tarts. Cut sandwich diameter is 3.5".

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