Crock-Pot Swing & Serve Triple Slow Cooker

Posted: February 06, 2018
Crock-Pot Swing & Serve Slow Cooker
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Rats! I wish I'd gotten Crock-Pot's Swing & Serve Slow Cooker for Super Bowl Sunday. I bet the Patriots feel the same way about the Vince Lombardi Trophy. At least for me it's not too late.

And I'll have plenty of occasions in the coming months to make use of a triple threat Crock-Pot. Nachos with chili, queso, and warm salsa for the NCAA tournament. Pulled pork with your choice of tomato- or mustard-based BBQ sauce for Easter (suck it, baked ham!) Oooh, and more immediately, melted dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate as dipping sauces from strawberries and pound cake and my fiancee for Valentine's Day.

The Swing & Serve Slow Cooker consists of a base unit with a 3-1/2 quart capacity, plus 2 upper level units, each 1-1/2 quarts, that pivot outward for cooking and serving, and then back in for more compact storage. All 3 slow cookers' controls are on the base unit, a trio of friendly knobs with my favorite no-brainer appliance settings: Warm; Low; and High.

The Crock-Pot stoneware inserts and lids are all removable from the electrical unit for cleaning.

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