Crock-Pot Entertaining System

Posted: January 25, 2016
Crock-Pot Entertaining System
$32 - $55.79
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What a crock of sh...azam! Piping-all-night dips, steaming appetizers, even hot roasts in waiting. Crock-Pot has always made cooking for the Super Bowl easier, and now I see they've heightened hosting efforts too with these Hook Up Connectable Entertaining Systems. Each unit has a rectangular heating base that houses either two 1-quart crocks, a single 2-quart, or a single 3-1/2-quart crock. Fill the small ones with appetizers, dips, toppings, and finger foods, and the large one with anything up to entree or roast size. Each system has a retractable cord that either plugs into your power outlet, or into other Crock-Pots in the Hook Up line, so you can gang them together for a full halftime buffet of slow-cooked or kept-hot goodness.

Like traditional Crock-Pots, the Hook Up Connectable Entertaining Systems have High, Low, and Warm settings for variable cooking and holding options. You can connect up to 6 units on a single outlet, or spread them out individually at different stations.

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