Cooksy Hands-Free Surface Temperature Probe for Cooking

Posted: September 14, 2022
Cooksy Hands-Free Surface Temperature Probe for Cooking
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Cooksy is here to help eliminate all those cooksy-daisies! in the kitchen. The hands-free surface temperature probe installs - via magnet, mount, or stand - over your skillets, pots, and pans on the stovetop to provide instant and exact readouts of their surface temperatures, along with the surface temperatures of the food they're cooking.

In addition, the accompanying Cooksy app comes with hundreds of recipes tailored for use with the temperature monitor, so you'll see constant readouts of degrees F or C, along with step-by-step video instructions for stirring, flipping, and adding ingredients if you choose to use one for your meal.

To be clear, Cooksy measures surface temperature, not internal temperature, so it probably won't completely replace your meat thermometer. But its makers insist dialing in the temperature of your cookware to something more specific than Low, Medium, Medium-High, and High, 1 to 6, or whatever loose heat settings your stovetop burner controls provide, will produce better quality results. And Cooksy's visual and thermal cameras are able to read "thousands of temperatures across your entire pan surface many times a second," so you can make heat adjustments to maintain a precise and consistent temperature as necessary.

This could be especially helpful when deep-frying, as Cooksy will keep a constant eye on the temperature of your oil without the use of a physical probe.

If you're into sous viding, or otherwise searing meat, Cooksy's ability to read the surface temperatures of food will help you nail the perfect crust every time.

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