Cooking with SHAQ Air Fryer Oven Pro

Posted: July 08, 2020
Cooking with SHAQ Air Fryer Oven Pro

I question whether the Cooking with SHAQ Air Fryer Oven Pro is big enough to feed even me, much less me and Shaq together. Maybe if we just wanted a snack. A Shaq snack, if you will. The 2-level, 12-quart air fryer is sized to cook 12 ounces of French fries, two 9" pizzas, or, according to the Air Fryer Oven Pro, Mr. O'Neal's "favorite bacon-wrapped pork loin."

Mmm, bacon-wrapped pork loin. Shaq has good taste.

Despite its inability to mirror the 7'1" height and 325-pound weight of its namesake, the Cooking with SHAQ Air Fryer Oven Pro does show some skills on the cooking court. Its LCD digital control panel includes 10 presets that allow for 7 different modes of cooking, including rotisserie, convection, toasting, broiling, dehydrating, and reheating, in addition to air frying.

Shaq, ever the generous player, includes 2 crisper trays / air fryer racks, a rotisserie spit set, a fry basket and handle, a drip tray, and a fetch tool with his oven.

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