Clip & Drain Strainer

Posted: October 20, 2015
Clip & Drain Strainer
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Do you know what this life-changing specimen before you is?! Neither do I because I don't cook. It's not in my skill set. My girlfriend and my mama cook though. And surrounding myself with women who kill it in the kitchen is in my skill set. They say the Clip & Drain sieve-ish apparatus is a strainer that attaches directly to all sizes of liquid-bearing pots to make draining the liquids without losing the solids fast and easy. It saves the hassle of dragging out a separate colander, and dirties one less bowl.

The strainer has a plastic clip at its center that secures it to the side of your pot or pan, and a flexible silicone draining surface that accommodates most cookware surface areas without dribbling or letting pasta, veggie, or meat contents slip out.

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