Clever Kebab Maker

Posted: June 27, 2016
6-in-1 Kebab Maker
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Piled, skewered, sliced. Kebabs are livin' the fast life with this lickety split 6-in-1 assembly line (assembly stack?)

The Clever Kebab's glowing reviews are questionable since many of the reviewers seem to have received the set for free or at a discount, but there are some frank assessments of its pros and cons sprinkled throughout. The concept is sure sweet: layer your ingredients inside the tower; lid it up and stick skewers through the punched holes; insert your knife in the guides; and slash on through. The cylinder's walls then unfold and detach for completed kebab removal.

Attach the included juicer to the lid of the Clever Kebab to add lemon or lime to your kebabs, or maybe an OJ or Grapefruit kick to fruit or dessert skewers. The set also includes an integrated ceramic knife sharpener, and it detached walls can be used as a strainer for rinsing fruits and vegetables, and then a cutting board when laid flat.

The tower accommodates 3/16" and 1/8" skewers and slices ingredients into 1.2" cubes. Clever Kebab kits come with 16 x stainless steel and 16 x bamboo skewers.

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