Chopsy Smart Chopping Board

Posted: October 06, 2020
Chopsy Smart Chopping Board
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From the Chopsy Chopping Board test kitchen: Chop, chop, everyone gather 'round. I've just met with the board and have some cutting remarks to share with you. We're almost ready to send slashers into the homes of all meal time warriors.

Chopsy is a modular food prep system consolidated into a single base unit housing 3 different cutting boards and 5 organizational food pods. I call it a "slasher" not just because Chopsy is all about laying itself open to your kitchen knives, but also because it slashes the number of different tools and vessels you'll need to assemble on your countertop every time you go to prep a meal.

Chopsy's cutting boards are designated for vegetables, fish, and meat to prevent cross-contamination. Each nestles into a depressed slot on the top of the chopping board's base for stable use when it's needed, and slides into a rack below when it's not. Chopsy's various sized pods make it easy to slide aside chopped ingredients, as well as their waste, to keep the cutting board surface clear and your prepped food organized.

The pods are also refrigerator and microwave safe, so you can use them to store and serve food.

Chopsy's final gift to meal prep is an integrated tablet holder to keep digital recipes handy, and provide easy access to a clock and timer.

Chopsy is running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter through October 30, 2020.

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