Cherry Chomper Cherry Pitter

Posted: March 29, 2021
Chomper Cherry Pitter
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Guess there would have been some legal issues if they'd made this Cherry Chomper Cherry Pitter look like Pac-Man. But I mean, how much more awesome would a cherry pitter in the shape of a...being with a mouth...be if that being with a mouth were Pac-Man. I feel like maker Talisman Designs should just go the path of The Verve and "Bitter Sweet Symphony": give up the royalties for the sake of the masterpiece. Allow the world to experience the greatness of a Pac-Man Cherry Chomper, even if someone who's already a bazillionaire won't give you permission, and keeps all the money you make when you do it anyway.

For the record, the Rolling Stones eventually "gave back" songwriting credit and royalties for "Bitter Sweet Symphony" to The Verve's Richard Ashcroft, but not until 2019. Twenty-two years after the song's release date.

Inside the Cherry Chomper's mouth is a plunger-style pit remover cherry pickers activate by pressing down on the dude's head. His "legs" are a clear container that catches the pits to keep the process as tidy as it is fun times.

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