ChefWave Milkmade Non-Dairy Milk Maker

Posted: October 15, 2021
ChefWave Milkmade Dairy-Free Milk Maker
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Milk, it does the body good, and it doesn't even have to come from a cow, a goat, an elephant, or a lady's boobie. It could come from the ChefWave Milkmade Non-Dairy Milk Maker. The automatic milker uses your favorite nuts, grains, and legumes to soak and extract a variety of vegan milks in as little as 15 minutes.

The Milkmade machine has 6 preset milk-making programs for almond, soy, cashew, oat, macadamia, and coconut milk. You don't need to presoak or use a nut milk bag, and the Milkmade needs to squeeze the udders of just a small handful of nuts to produce a 20-ounce batch. (You can also make a smaller 10-ounce serving.)

In addition to plain, single-varietal (if you will) milks, you can also use add-ins such as vanilla extract or chocolate, or mix nuts, seeds, etc. to customize Milkmade flavors.

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