Chef's Choice Electric Food Slicer

Posted: August 18, 2018
Chef's Choice Electric Food Slicer
$122.88 - $175.41
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I decided to look into electric food slicers because I was recently munching on some prosciutto and melon at a fancy pants work party my wife made me go to, and the one interesting thing that happened there is that a dude who was also munching on some prosciutto and melon mentioned how he buys slabs of cured meats and cuts them himself on his own home meat slicer. Which not only allows him to buy direct and in bulk from butchers, thus saving a ton of money, but also enables him to eat piles and piles of paper-thin meat sliced fresh every night of the week.

Or, like, cardboard-thin meat sliced for sandwiches. Plus the swiss cheese, tomatoes, and bread, sliced perfectly at 1/8", 1/4", and 1/2" respectively, to make the deli especiale complete.

I thought an electric food slicer would be prohibitively expensive - and maybe commercial models are. But there are a ton of home models available too, and most of them are pretty reasonable. This one from Chef's Choice, the "615", caught my attention because it has great reviews and seems easy to use. It's still going to take up a ton of room on the kitchen countertop, or in a cupboard, but if you've got 15-1/2" x 10-3/8" of available space, let the slicing journey begin.

The 615 food slicer has a 120W power rating, and uses a cool running, high torque motor to drive its 7" stainless steel blade. You can adjust your slice thickness from deli thin to 3/4" thick.

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