Chefman Food Mover - Conveyor Belt Toaster Oven

Posted: November 08, 2019
$199 - $299
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Line 'em up on the conveyor belt, and Chefman Food Mover 'em through for a constant stream of toast, bubbling personal pizzas, crispy-chewy bagels, blown-up Shiba Inu Dog Marshmallows, or anything you like. Chefman says its Food Mover will give the toaster oven treatment to your favorite toastable foods without the down time between batches and risks of burnt hands reaching in for the goods when they're done.

A rolling twist on the traditional toaster oven, the Chefman Food Mover incorporates a conveyor belt system that loads untoasted food on one side, glides it through infrared and halogen heating elements in the center, and then spits out perfectly toasted treats on the other side. You can also fold up the conveyor elements and use the Food Mover as a traditional countertop baking oven and broiler.

I'm not really sure why, given that Chefman is a major national brand, but they're running the Food Mover as a Kickstarter campaign through December 5, 2019. Early supporters can get one from $199 to $299, or 57% to 28% off the conveyor belt toaster oven's eventual retail price.

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