Can Colander

Posted: October 20, 2020
Can Colander
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What, the Can Colander thinks it can just plop on into my canned tuna and black beans, and take away the joy of slicing my finger when I attempt to use the sharp aluminum lids I just cut off them to strain out the liquid? You know, it's not so much the compression move, when I flip the can over and squish the ever loving liquid guts out of its contents, that inflicts the injury. It's the attempt to get the lid back out by sliding my fingernail between the wall of the can and the lid's jagged edging when I'm done.

Come on, dude, you and I...and the Can Colander all know you've been there too.

The Can Colander snaps over the opened top of most standard-mouthed cans to make draining the gross fish and fart juice (tuna and beans, respectively) inside a little easier and less dangerous. Also, the Can Colander secures to cans both ways - colander inside the can for foods you want to press into while draining, and colander protruding outward for canned contents you want to stay intact.

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