Butter Savers

Posted: March 09, 2017
Butter Savers
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My girlfriend loves it when I slice off a hunk of butter and then just kind of slap whatever wrapper remnants the knife didn't cut off back over the exposed end before putting the stick back in the fridge. The next time she wants to use it it's grown this kind of two-toned translucent crust. Yeah, she loves that. But I bet she'd love Butter Savers more.

Reusable end caps for your sticks of fatty goodness, Butter Savers solve a small but important first world problem. Well...no...not really important at all. They're more like a solution to a minor inconvenience that will save you some dairy waste, and maybe the wrath of your gf. At least on the topic of butter storage.

But, if you're looking for a cheap gift for your mama, a Butter Saver probably won't go right into her Goodwill pile. The silicone caps slip over the ends of sticks in your choice of East Coast, West Coast, or European sizes. They are also designed to measure out a perfect tablespoon of butter, so you can cut along the line of the Saver to portion your chunk, pop it out, and then return the cap to the stick's newly whittled end.

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