Bruntmor Cast Iron Tagine

Posted: March 28, 2021
Bruntmor Cast Iron Tagine
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Tagine, Tagine, Tagine, Tagine / I'm begging of you please cook up my food / Tagine, Tagine, Tagine, Tagine / Grill's broke and my wife, she's in a hangry mood. I could totally be the next Dolly Parton.

I could also totally cook up some delicious Moroccan recipes if I had a proper tagine, like this cast iron one from Bruntmor, because my understanding is the art of tagine cooking consists of nothing more than throwing a pile of meat and vegetables into the domed one and sticking it in an oven. An oven heated to up to 500 degrees F, if you go with Bruntmor's 4-quart tagine.

You can also use the self-described "magical cast iron pot" on the stovetop.

The conical lid of the tagine both traps steam inside the vessel and facilitates its circulation, so condensation drops onto your food and keeps it from drying out. The cookware itself is also pretty fetching, and Bruntmor's Cast Iron Tagines come in 6 poppy colors.

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