Brizzle Stand-Up Scoop, Baste & Drizzle Brush

Posted: September 28, 2021
Brizzle Stand-Up Scoop, Baste & Drizzle Brush
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Do I want a silicone bristled basting brush that can also scoop up juicy drippin's, drizzle them onto my dish, and then rest on my cutting board without spreading their remnants all over it? Fo shizzle my Brizzle.

The Brizzle stand-up scoop, baste, and drizzle brush is Dreamfarm's latest creative kitchen tool that makes common cooking tasks just a little easier and more intuitive. In addition to its 100 non-stick, heat-safe to 500F silicone bristles, the Brizzle has a 1-tablespoon scoop on its head, the latter of which bends 90 degrees to give the former access to your basting liquid without tilting your pan or roaster.

Once filled, the Brizzle scoop releases its liquid - be it baste, oil, or egg wash - into the brush's bristles through 4 holes in the bottom of the head, so you can distribute it in a controlled, even manner.

A bend in the Brizzle handle keeps the brush head elevated when you set it down, so your kitchen surfaces stay cleaner, and the Brizzle itself more hygienic.

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