bottleLoft Magnetic Fridge Storage

Posted: October 28, 2014
bottleLoft Magnetic Fridge Storage
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Brian Conti, also responsible for Strong Like Bull Magnets, heads toward Magnet Magnate status with his bottleLoft. botteLoft strips are magnetic bottle holders that install on the ceiling of your refrigerator to keep anything from 6-packs of beer to jars of pasta sauce dangling within reach, but clear of your already crowded shelves. They'll give you more free fridge space, enable more efficient use of the space you have, and, best of all, ensure that the first thing you see every time you open the door is a glowing rack of Bud Light Limes.

Each bottleLoft has 3 custom-sized, grade N52 (strongest available) neodymium magnets, plus a trio of custom-designed and machined steel cups to focus their strength. Aligned along an injection molded plastic rail topped with a strip of high-bond tape, they can reasonably hold bottles weighing up to 3.6 pounds apiece. A standard 12-ounce brew weighs around 1.2 pounds.

Conti further explains that his bottleLoft adhesive configuration specifically addresses cool refrigerator environments with a special low-temperature application grade of 3M VHB tape. Each square inch of the adhesive is rated to hold 110 pounds; bottleLofts will incorporate 8+ square inches per strip.

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