bolo Rolling Knife

Posted: November 17, 2015
$11 - $24
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It's Edward Scissorhands 2.0. I wonder if bolo can craft topiaries as well as it minces garlic, slices carrots, and dices onions. This kitchen knife with a curved blade and "O" handle rolls through rather than chops down on your food--kind of like a pizza cutter, but with more widespread kitchen applications. According to bolo creators their rolling knife combines precise cutting with a more natural feel in the hand for faster and less fatiguing food preparation.

bolo's design for comfort, with your hand resting above rather than at the end of the blade, is also meant to channel additional power from your hand and wrist to make the cutting process easier. The company maintains that bolo will slash through your edible target on the first roll of the blade every single time.

The bolo roller also has a brake at the top. Hold down on it and you'll be able to use the knife as a chopper to remove ends from foods such as lettuce and celery. Probably not pineapples though. Watermelon, or any item "taller" than the ends of bolo's handle, plus tasks requiring a little more dexterity, such as trimming fat off meat, seem like they would be a problem for the rolling knife too. So it's not an all-purpose replacement for your standard kitchen knives, but could be a swell addition for the tedious slicing and chopping you do most often.

bolo seeks crowdfunding on Kickstarter through December 14, 2015.

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