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Posted: March 01, 2014
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The Dump & Punch. That's a better name than Blend and Cook for Cuisinart's soup-making blender. Because if their literature is to be trusted, all I'd need do to enjoy a vat of steaming cream of tomato is dump in some cream, dump in some tomato, and punch a couple of buttons. I think my mouth can adequately cover the rim of that blending container too, so I wouldn't even have add a bowl or a spoon to the soup consumption equation.

What sets the Blend and Cook apart from other high-speed blenders that can blend to the point of piping hotness (e.g., Vitamix) is: 1) it's way cheaper. Way cheaper. And 2) the Punch half of its Dump & Punch features includes 3 different heat-related options. Low, Medium, and High settings enable users to saute, simmer, and then fully boil added ingredients, so flavor development can still loosely mimic the process achieved on a stovetop. A separate Stir function jostles ingredients like a spatula would, and for pureed soups, the Blend button steps in as per usual.

In addition to soups, Blend and Cook units can create sauces and gravies, plus all standard cold items one would normally charge a blender with blending. Smoothies, frozen drinks, crushed ice, pulverized Fruity Pebbles...mmm, they're so good sprinkled on top of fettuccine Alfredo. Running on a 900-watt motor, Cuisinart's soup maker can blend up to 48 ounces of hot liquids or 56 ounces of cold liquids at a time. Additional features include:

  • Thermal shock-resistant blending container.
  • Digital push-button controls for temperature and 30-minute LED countdown timer.
  • 4 blending speeds, plus Pulse and Stir settings.
  • Internal heater to both heat food and keep it warm.
  • BPA-free materials for all parts that come into contact with food.

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