Big Green Egg Soap Dispenser

Posted: May 11, 2021
Big Green Egg Soap Dispenser
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The Big Green Egg turns its attention to your dirty little hands with a Big Green Egg Soap Dispenser. Made for the grill's biggest, greenest fans, the bottle is shaped just like the BBQ, and weighs almost as much too. Well, relatively speaking - 1.1 pounds is pretty hefty for a soap dispenser, isn't it?

The Big Green Egg Soap Dispenser is an obvious choice for a gift for Dad this Father's Day, particularly as a consolation prize if what he really wants is an actual Big Green Egg, but you, your siblings, and your mama have no intention on dropping that kind of dough on him. Sorry, Dad, but your jokes are bad, and a fancy pants grill isn't going to make you stop burning steaks. Now go wash your hands.

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