Better Breader Batter Bowl

Posted: June 12, 2023
Better Breader Batter Bowl
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Obviously I'm getting this Better Breader Batter Bowl as a gift for my mama so that I can shake up a few pieces of chicken, and then when we all sit down to eat it, turn to my raving Aunt Jan and say, "It's the Better Breader Batter Bowl. And I helped!"

Claiming to eliminate the hassle, mess, and waste of the old fashioned batter 'n' bread method, the Better Breader Batter Bowl is a 3-piece prep station that does all the coating from within the confines of its polypropylene basin and lid. The Better Breader Bowl is the breading and seasoning reservoir, where you mix up your secret ingredients. Secured above it is the Sifter, a vented platform that holds pre-moistened food. The Airtight Lid latches everything shut so you can shake, shake, shake it up, and send a tornado of breading across the wet surface of your food.

With the Better Breader Batter Bowl you don't have to turn and pat raw food into your breading, splaying crumbs, and breading half your fingers in the process. Use it to bread chicken, fish, pork, and vegetables scheduled for the deep fryer, as well as the grill or oven.

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